Functional distinction and equipment requirements of fever clinic and fever sentinel


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.502

1. Establishment location

First-class community health service center

2. Functional tasks

During the daily period, he undertakes the diagnosis, treatment and management of fever patients who come to the community for treatment and whose body temperature is ≥37℃, including registration, triage, treatment, isolation and referral, etc. For patients with a clear cause of fever, the receiving physician can directly diagnose and treat or guide to general outpatient treatment; for patients with unexplained fever or beyond the capacity of community diagnosis and treatment, the community health service center is responsible for referral to the designated higher-level medical institution for fever Further diagnosis and treatment in the outpatient clinic. During the epidemic period of infectious diseases, according to the country or the city's relevant infectious disease prevention and control requirements, carry out tasks such as investigation, registration, management, circulation, isolation, referral, and disinfection of unknown fever persons.

3. Clinic setting

1. Housing requirements

At least one room should be equipped for the setting up of the consultation room. The location should be in a relatively independent area of ​​the community health service center with good ventilation. The air conditioning or ventilation system of the consulting room should be set independently, and the entrance and exit should be separated from the general outpatient clinic to avoid cross entry and exit of fever patients and other patients; the consulting room can be set up independent or temporarily isolated observation (room) area according to actual conditions.

2. Facilities and equipment

The facilities and equipment selected in the clinic should be easy to disinfect and have a certain degree of corrosion resistance.

The basic configuration includes: diagnosis and treatment table (distance between doctor and patient ≥1m), diagnosis and treatment chair, instrument table, treatment cart, computer (doctor workstation), printer, telephone and other office equipment, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, clinical thermometer, disposable tongue depressor , Diagnosis and inspection equipment such as secondary protective equipment, as well as medical waste buckets, ultraviolet lamps, disinfection spray equipment, rapid hand disinfection facilities, etc.

Optional configurations include: publicity column, consultation room payment system, electrocardiograph, non-contact hand washing equipment, hand drying equipment, emergency rescue medicines and equipment, camera monitoring system, intercom system, mobile X-ray machine, etc.