What are the storage precautions for the TENS acupuncture pen


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:34.977

The following paragraphs of this article will introduce the Precautions for storage of TENS acupuncture pen:

1. The TENS acupuncture pen emits an infrared invisible laser, and the user cannot see the beam.

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2. The TENS acupuncture pen should not irradiate the human face, let alone the human eyes, and do not look directly at the laser emission outlet, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the eyes.

3. Keep the TENS acupuncture pen out of the reach of children.

4. Never carry and use the TENS acupuncture pen in flammable and explosive situations.

5. Do not use the TENS acupuncture pen to irradiate flammable items.

6. The TENS acupuncture pen product is a precision optical device, it cannot be bumped, it cannot be exposed to moisture, and it cannot be used or disassembled in the presence of static electricity.

7. TENS acupuncture pen should be stored in a dry place.

Through the above introduction and analysis of the storage precautions of the TENS acupuncture pen, hope it helps you.