How to choose the right walker


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.484

Frame walker

The frame structure has high stability performance, and the walker needs to be lifted to move forward. Mainly used for people with complete upper limb function and poor balance ability of lower limbs, those with lower limb injuries or fractures that cannot bear weight, deformed femoral arthritis, knee arthritis, dyskinesias, people with walking difficulties and long-term bed rest requiring walking training By.

The armrest is a stepped frame structure, in addition to having the function of an ordinary frame-type walker, it can also assist patients with low limb muscle strength to use the stepped armrest from sitting to standing.

Differential stepping walker

Frame structure, with hinges on both sides of the walker, differential forward. For users with weak upper limb muscles, there is no need to lift the walker to move forward, but to push the walker alternately on one side to move the two-wheeled walker forward.

The front is equipped with fixed casters, and the back foot pad has certain friction and anti-skid performance, and has good directionality, but it is not convenient to turn; the user can move forward by pushing the walker. It is suitable for use by patients with low limb muscle strength, chronic arthritis, and walking disabilities caused by cerebrovascular diseases. It can also be used for walking training for long-term bedridden people.

Four-wheel walker

It is divided into two types: the front wheels are movable casters, and the four wheels are all movable casters. They have the characteristics of small turning radius and flexible supply of mobile low-price jewelry online stores; hand brakes can be used for slopes during travel. Temporary braking when crossing roads or obstacles and rear wheel locking when stopping; its design is also very user-friendly, equipped with seat cushions and storage baskets to facilitate you to rest or store things, especially suitable for the elderly when traveling .

Platform walker

With arm support platform, two movable casters and two fixed casters, it is characterized by large supporting area and better stability. The height of the walker should be upright. With the elbow flexed at nearly 30°, the forearm should be placed on the platform. The walker is used to drive the body forward. It is suitable for walking training for people with low muscle strength, walking disabilities caused by cerebrovascular diseases, chronic arthritis and long-term bedridden people.