Advantages of oxyhydrogen machine in the current environment


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The oxyhydrogen machine is also called water welder and water-fuel oxyhydrogen machine. As the name suggests, it is a new process machine that uses water as fuel to produce hydrogen and oxygen. The oxyhydrogen machine uses potassium hydroxide (KOH) aqueous solution as the electrolyte, electrolyzing hydrogen and oxygen from the water using the principle of electrolysis of water, and the hydrogen is used as fuel oxygen to support combustion and ignite to form a oxyhydrogen flame.


Hydrogen oxygen machine can work continuously as long as there is water and electricity. The flame temperature is as high as 2800 degrees, the flame is concentrated, and the user is easy to operate in the use process; it has obvious effects in energy saving, efficiency improvement and process quality improvement.


As we all know, acetylene gas produces carbon monoxide in the production process and pollutes the environment; insufficient combustion of acetylene gas will produce black smoke, and there will be a special toxic gas that harms human health, and because the melting point of acetylene gas is low, it is stored at high temperature and high pressure. It is very easy to explode. After the oxyhydrogen generator works, only water is generated, and no black smoke is generated. In addition, the oxyhydrogen generator produces gas in real time when it is turned on, and does not store gas, and there is no deflagration safety accident. It is a green product.


Since the invention of water electrolysis technology in the early nineteenth century, it has been relatively mature to use the oxyhydrogen flame produced by the oxyhydrogen machine for metal processing operations and has obvious advantages. Earlier, the main gas source for gas welding operations was acetylene gas with high energy consumption, high price, and serious pollution. The use of oxyhydrogen machine only uses a small amount of water and electricity, and the cost of use is reduced by more than 40% compared with gas cylinders. It can save the preheating oxygen consumption, no need to withdraw and replace the gas cylinder, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the utilization rate of working hours.


Our company has been developing and producing hydrogen and oxygen equipment for 14 years, with many years of application practice and rich experience in picking mattresses. It is convenient, efficient, safe, low-cost, environmentally friendly and practical.


Hydrogen oxygen machine has been applied to many fields, enameled wire and lead wire welding in motor industry, non-ferrous metal copper bus welding, denture welding, endoscope welding, thermocouple/platinum resistance welding, laboratory glass tube sealing of scientific research unit, medical unit Ampoules are melt-sealed, etc.

Hydrogen oxygen machine application field

With the increasing use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, and the global climate is abnormally intensified. Oxygen oxyhydrogen machines that meet the energy-saving and emission reduction standards advocated now will be applied to more and more industrial processes. Oxygen oxyhydrogen machines are fully compliant with zero emission standards and produce zero harmful gases. We believe that with everyone's efforts, more and more people will realize that the use of energy-saving and emission-reducing products will bring us benefits.