Who is suitable for the hot hydrogen suction machine on the market?


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.449

There is a saying, "You can't live without oxygen, and you don't live without hydrogen." As people's demand for health and wellness becomes stronger, products that are closely related to it are also springing up on the market. The hydrogen absorption machine is a hot product in the market in recent years, especially since this year, it has been strongly recommended by many top domestic experts. So, for many people who may still be very unfamiliar, what exactly is a hydrogen suction machine and what is its use? Please listen to the editor tell you one by one.

Hydrogen suction machine, in layman's terms, is a machine that can suck hydrogen. A household hydrogen absorption machine is a machine that decomposes hydrogen and oxygen by electrolyzing water. As people's research on hydrogen becomes more and more in-depth, it is found that the effect of hydrogen on the human body is more and more clear, and the application fields of hydrogen are becoming more and more extensive. The hydrogen suction machine is a medical or household equipment used for respiratory support. It is mainly composed of pure hydrogen mixed with air at the nostril end through a nasal suction tube to inhale hydrogen. Hydrogen absorption is a convenient, fast and safe maintenance method.

The hydrogen absorber applies SPE technology to deliver pure drinking water or distilled water that meets the requirements (recommended Cestbon pure water) to the anode chamber of the dissolution tank. After power on, it will be decomposed at the anode immediately to produce hydrogen ions and Oxygen, oxygen is discharged from the anode. Hydrogen ions reach the cathode in the form of water and ions through the SPE ion membrane under the effect of electric field force, absorb electrons to form hydrogen gas, which is discharged from the cathode chamber and enters the gas-water separator to produce high-concentration hydrogen gas with humidity.




Hydrogen suction machine

There is no restriction on the use of hydrogen suction machine, as long as you want to maintain your body by absorbing hydrogen, you can buy this product. It can be used by elderly people with insomnia and dreaminess, middle-aged people who are prone to fatigue, and also suitable for young people in the office. Teenagers can improve their energy, and women who love beauty can also use it. The hydrogen absorption machine developed and produced by Guangzhou Aokewei can produce hydrogen with a flow rate of 300ml/min and a purity of 99.996%. According to experiments, the higher the flow rate and the higher the purity, the better the effect.