CCTV report: Hydrogen-rich water-the water of life, the new trend of future health


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.430

In February 2016, the CCTV Discovery Channel broadcasted the popular science documentary "Antioxidant Sword-Hydrogen", which scientifically revealed the medical value of hydrogen.


Hydrogen water is rich in hydrogen molecules. After drinking it into the human body, it is decomposed into hydrogen atoms by hydrogen decomposition mold. Then the active hydrogen and active oxygen undergo a reduction reaction to produce harmless water for the human body, thereby eliminating the source of all diseases, active oxygen, and thereby Achieve the effect of preventing diseases and strengthening the body.


Simply put, those more active oxygen free radicals (what we usually call harmful free radicals) are almost involved in the occurrence and development of most diseases, and are one of the chief culprits of human diseases. Hydrogen is a new type of antioxidant that is more stable and effective than vitamins and minerals. It can remove harmful free radicals and protect human health.


Hydrogen is a blockbuster in the scientific community


Why can water containing hydrogen cure diseases? What are the unique characteristics of hydrogen? Everything has to start 10 years ago. In 2007, “Nature Medicine”, one of the most influential journals in the international medical community, published a landmark study, confirming for the first time that hydrogen is a new type of antioxidant, which is useful in disease prevention and treatment. The use of potential is worth looking forward to. Since then, there has been an upsurge of research on hydrogen and health in the scientific community at home and abroad.


High-quality registered clinical trials of hydrogen medicine are gradually launched


More and more high-quality, practical and interesting hydrogen medical clinical research is being carried out. The so-called high-quality research refers to research with rigorous design, high level of evidence, and highly recognized by the scientific community. For example, on May 12, the BMC Neurology magazine published online a randomized, double-blind, controlled, multi-center clinical study in Japan. The study included 178 Parkinson's patients in 14 hospitals to evaluate drinking hydrogen-rich The improvement effect of water on Parkinson's disease. Although there have been similar studies in the past, the number of cases in the population is small and the quality of the evidence is not high. The development of such registered clinical trials shows that the scientific community is paying more and more attention to and actively exploring the medical value of hydrogen.