"European Respiratory Magazine" Zhong Nanshan shares anti-epidemic experience to the world and emphasizes the value of hydrogen


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Reprinted | "European Respiratory Magazine" Zhong Nanshan shares anti-epidemic experience to the world and emphasizes the value of hydrogen

The hydrogen-oxygen mixture has been used in the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia in China, but it should be the first to be published in an international academic journal in the form of an official article. Although it is only a review form, the content is more formal and comprehensive, and it is a very important document. It is recommended that you study carefully after downloading.

Invited by "European Respiratory Journal", Academician Zhong Nanshan, associate researcher Guan Weijie of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, and Professor Chen Rongchang of Shenzhen People's Hospital published a review article, introducing the experience of COVID-19 prevention and control to colleagues around the world.


转载|《欧洲呼吸杂志》钟南山向全球分享抗疫经验强调氢气价值   在国内氢氧混合气已经用于新冠状病毒肺炎救治,但是以正式文章形式在国际学术期刊发表,这应该是第一份。虽然只是评述形式,但内容比较正式和全面,是非常重要的文献。建议各位下载后认真学习。   受《欧洲呼吸杂志》邀请,钟南山院士与广州呼吸健康研究院关伟杰副研究员、深圳市人民医院陈荣昌教授发表述评文章,向全球同行介绍了新冠疫情防控的经验。


What are the main highlights of the article? Look at the analysis of Zhong Nanshan's team:

1. Emphasize the possibility of asymptomatic patients as an important source of human-to-human transmission, so we must pay attention to the early diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia and the isolation of confirmed cases;

2. Point out that there may be fecal-oral transmission, and emphasize the need to pay attention to the environmental sanitation of homes and communities;

3. The concepts of "four early" (early protection, early identification, early diagnosis, early isolation) and joint prevention and control are clearly put forward, and the prevention and control efforts made by my country in multiple channels are summarized, including promptly appealing to citizens not to go to the serious epidemic Regions, "lockdown" cities such as Wuhan and Huanggang, set up security measures such as body temperature monitoring in communities and other institutions, truthfully announce the number of confirmed, suspected and dead cases every day, rapid construction of shelter hospitals, living supplies, and concentration of medical staff in multiple locations Rush to Hubei;

4. Research and develop chip-based micro-PCR pathogen detection methods and rapid IgG and IgM diagnostic kits, making important efforts for scientific diagnosis and rapid diagnosis and effectively blocking the spread of the epidemic;

5. Based on recent scientific research findings, the clinical characteristics of patients with new coronary pneumonia in my country are summarized, which will help to further improve the diagnosis and treatment plan and promote the joint prevention and control mechanism;


6、公布最新的临床治疗进展,包括中药(连花清瘟胶囊、六神丸等)对病毒体外抑制作用的验证以及发现氯喹、氢氧混合气体吸入对改善新冠病毒感染患者临床症状的价值,指出了新冠病毒感染患者的关键病理学改变特征;   7、文章进一步指出下一步的工作重心,包括明确超级传播者的比例、明确症状出现以前患者释放病毒的规律、明确病毒释放与临床症状发生发展的相关性以及重度与非重度患者的临床发病规律的差异等,探索新冠病毒的病原学和致病机理并寻找识别出有效安全的临床药物。


6. Announce the latest clinical treatment progress, including the verification of the in vitro inhibitory effects of traditional Chinese medicines (Lianhua Qingwen Capsules, Liushen Pills, etc.) on the virus and the discovery of the value of chloroquine and hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas inhalation to improve the clinical symptoms of patients with new coronavirus infection. Key pathological changes in patients with new coronavirus infection;

7. The article further points out the focus of the next step, including clarifying the proportion of super-spreaders, clarifying the rule of virus release from patients before symptoms appear, clarifying the correlation between virus release and the development of clinical symptoms, and the clinical incidence of severe and non-severe patients To explore the etiology and pathogenic mechanism of the new coronavirus and find effective and safe clinical drugs.




Academician Zhong Nanshan mentioned that hydrogen has a strong anti-oxidative stress effect, and has obvious therapeutic and preventive effects on lung diseases such as pneumonia. In general, inflammation is caused by oxidative stress. Eliminating oxygen free radicals is the most fundamental way to alleviate inflammation.

Many diseases, even tumors, are a chronic inflammatory process. The basic pathophysiological mechanism of this inflammation is the oxidative stress reaction, which produces some free radical ions, which destroys the body’s tissues or makes the body Abnormal hyperplasia produces tumors.

You must know that the human body is in a dynamic balance with the surrounding environment at all times. Under the action of pathogenic factors, such as bacteria, radiation, etc., the original balance is broken, the body is damaged, and tissue and organ functions appear. , Metabolism and pathological changes in mental structure, resulting in clinical symptoms and signs.

When the cells of the human body are oxidized, oxidative damage occurs. Medically speaking, it is due to internal and external factors that cause a large number of free radicals in the body to explode. This type of outbreak is called oxidative stress.

When the oxidation degree of the cell exceeds the antioxidant capacity of the cell itself to scavenging oxides, an imbalance between the oxidation system and the antioxidant system will be formed, that is, the redox imbalance.

Too many free radicals, especially the toxic reactive oxygen species, will start to attack biological macromolecules and cause tissue cell damage. Therefore, oxidative damage is the root cause of various diseases and body aging.

Taking the treatment of human inflammation as an example, it is generally believed that removing oxygen free radicals is the most fundamental way to alleviate inflammation.

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