Introduction of the Pulse and Rotate magnetotherapy machine

1. Pulse magnetotherapy machine uses an intermittent oscillator to generate intermittent pulse current, which can generate various shapes of pulse magnetic field by passing this current into the coil of the electromagnet. The characteristic of the pulsed magnetic field is that the magnetic field appears intermittently, and the changing frequency, waveform, and peak value of the magnetic field can be adjusted according to the needs.


What diseases can magnetotherapy machines treat or alleviate

A magnetotherapy machine is a machine that uses magnetic fields to act on acupuncture points and affected areas of the human body to achieve therapeutic purposes. The magnetic field includes a constant magnetic field, an alternating magnetic field, a pulsating magnetic field, a pulsed magnetic field, and the like.


Introduction of classification of magnetotherapy machine

The magnetotherapy method used by the magnetotherapy machine is to adjust the balance of the body's biological electromagnetism through the effect of the magnetic field on the meridians and acupoints, so as to achieve the purpose of curing diseases.


Does the TENS acupuncture pen has side effects    

Some people are afraid to use the TENS acupuncture pen because they do not understand its side effects after purchasing the acupuncture pen, which affects the treatment efficiency of the product. So are there any side effects of acupuncture pens? TENS acupuncture pen is a combination of contemporary science and technology and ancient traditional acupuncture. Everyone is worried about whether the laser acupuncture pen has side effects. But in fact, the laser beam of the TENS acupuncture pen only irradiates the acupuncture points, and will not damage the body surface.


Brief Introduction of the Portable DDS Equipment

Aukewel Portable DDS Equipment ABS-DDS-06 combines DDS, Vacuum, Heat, and Laser functions. It uses modern technology bionics and ergonomics technology to replace traditional massage, cupping, beauty, slimming, scraping, acupuncture, and other health exercises. Let people Massage can be anywhere, and it is easy to operate.


The role and use of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant

The coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is affecting everyone's attention, and strengthening protection is an important means to avoid the spread of similar infectious diseases. This incident has significantly increased people’s awareness of health protection, including people consciously quarantining at home during the Spring Festival to reduce the risk of transmission. It is precisely because of the participation of the whole people that there is a shortage of epidemic prevention materials. It is not just a shortage of masks. Years ago, the 75% alcohol and sodium hypochlorite disinfectant in major pharmacies and supermarkets were also sold out, and a bottle was hard to find.


Companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries can also apply for national high-tech enterprises!

Medicine and medical equipment. These two industries have great advantages when applying for high-tech enterprises, but there are also very noteworthy points.


Provincial Medical Device Evaluation Center actively serves artificial intelligence medical device high-tech enterprises

On October 28th, the Provincial Medical Device Evaluation Center organized personnel to carry out the "Three Services" activity for Hangzhou Yitu Medical Technology Co., Ltd. to answer various questions that companies involved in the product registration and listing process face to face.


What is the difference between pharmaceutical investment and pharmaceutical representatives

It is not difficult to attract investment in medicine, but not easy to say. The important thing is that managers and executives can do their best. Do you know the difference between pharmaceutical investment and pharmaceutical representatives? The following medical agent network will introduce for everyone.


How much do you know about magnetism and microcirculation?

In fact, microcirculation includes two concepts. One is the concept of microvascular, that is, a section of blood vessel that adapts to the structure of the vessel wall and functions of microcirculation. It includes arterioles, capillaries, and venules (arterioles and venules do not belong to the category of microcirculation). These capillaries are places where blood, cells and tissues exchange materials. The second meaning of microcirculation also includes the meaning of blood circulation arteries.
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