Features of 200W infrared therapy lamp in the far-infrared


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.025

In general, infrared rays emitted from heat sources such as fuel combustion and electric heating appliances are mostly near-infrared rays. Compared with the far-infrared rays of the 200W infrared therapy lamp, due to the shorter wavelength, it produces a large number of thermal effects, which will cause burns to the skin and eye crystals after long-term exposure to the human body.

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Compared with the far-infrared of the 200W infrared therapy lamp, other electromagnetic waves with shorter wavelengths, such as ultraviolet rays, X-rays and γ-rays, will make the electrons on the atoms free, which is more harmful to the human body. The far infrared of 200W infrared therapy lamp is not the case, because the wavelength is longer and the energy is relatively low, so there is relatively less danger of burns when used.

The far-infrared rays used in 200W infrared therapy lamps are also different from the low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by household appliances. The low-frequency electromagnetic waves released by household appliances can penetrate walls and change the characteristics of the human body's current. 

The far infrared rays used in the 200W infrared therapy lamp are used in the adjuvant treatment of many diseases, such as muscle and muscle pain, tendonitis, bedsores, scalds and wounds that are not easy to heal. All can use the far-infrared ray of a 200W infrared therapy lamp to promote blood circulation and achieve the purpose of adjuvant therapy.

Through the above introduction and analysis of the 200W infrared therapy lamp, hope it helps you.