The role of Vibra-Infrared Sauna


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.118

The far-infrared heating plate in the Vibra-Infrared Sauna efficiently emits far-infrared rays, and has a resonance effect with the far-infrared rays emitted by the human body itself. Vibra-Infrared Sauna releases negative air ions and generates bioelectricity similar to the human body.

customized Vibra-Infrared Sauna

The health care function of the far-infrared sauna in Vibra-Infrared Sauna can be comprehensively improved. The infrared heat generated in the Vibra-Infrared Sauna, similar to warm sunlight, provides the user with all-round relaxation.

The far-infrared rays in Vibra-Infrared Sauna have strong penetration and radiation power, and have significant temperature control effect and resonance effect. It is easily absorbed by objects and converted into the internal energy of objects. After the far-infrared rays in Vibra-Infrared Sauna are absorbed by the human body, it can make the water molecules in the body resonate. The use of Vibra-Infrared Sauna can activate water molecules and enhance their intermolecular binding force, thereby activating biological macromolecules such as proteins, and making biological cells at the highest vibrational energy level.

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