Precautions when using Vibra-Infrared Sauna


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发布时间:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.153

When using the Vibra-Infrared Sauna in an infrared sauna, remember to protect the bench and floor inside the Vibra-Infrared Sauna with a towel as you will be sweating profusely. The infrared heat in the Vibra-Infrared Sauna works best on bare skin, and the towel will prevent some of the heat from being transferred to your body tissues.

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Remember to drink plenty of water before and after use because the liquid evaporates and at higher temperatures, you sweat a lot in an infrared sauna at the Vibra-Infrared Sauna. Note If users are pregnant or have other health issues (such as pacemakers, artificial joints or other surgical implants), please discuss with their doctor before using.

Traditional saunas simply use water vapor to warm and perspire, so that the therapists sweat, clear fat, detoxify, and promote metabolism. The far-infrared sauna used in Vibra-Infrared Sauna uses far-infrared and negative ions to promote perspiration.

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